Social Security Benefits: A True Story

For the past twenty years Stacey has been collecting social security benefits from the federal government because of a "disability." This disability doesn't keep her from working full-time as she is perfectly able. Rather, it's more of an excuse not to work as she feels she deserves and is entitled to this money because of past events that has happened in her life.

Stacey receives three quarters of a thousand dollars every month, which in today's economy doesn't go very far. In fact, Stacey needs to make an additional three hundred dollars each month just to meet all of her financial obligations and to have a little spending money. In the meantime, Stacey started using credit cards to make ends meet and racked up a couple of thousand dollars in debt.

A few months ago Stacey came into some money ($20K+). She met with a financial counselor (good) to plan what she should do with the money. Stacey didn't follow the advice given to her (bad) and has maybe $5,000 left. It was advised to pay off all of her credit cards and loans and put the rest away and continue to make due with benefits received from the government. Soon, Stacey will be back to where she was just a few months ago.

The financial counselor encouraged Stacey to increase her income by getting job so she wouldn't have to use her nest egg. Stacey explained that she needs to find a job where she won't make more than $500 per month or pays her cash under the table or her social security benefits will go away. Stacey has become SO dependent on social security that it keeps her from rejoining the work force and becoming a productive member of society. Stacey has become a "gullible gull." WHAT IS A GULLIBLE GULL?

What is the moral of this story? Social Security is flawed. Stacey shouldn't be receiving this money, but does. Since she has been receiving it for the past twenty years or so she is literally unable to live without it. According to a recent news article, one economic analyst said that social security will probably implode within the next two years. What happens to Stacey when the income stops arriving? How is she able to survive? She has forgotten how to work and be self-sufficient and will continue to get free handouts. If not from the government, she'll try and get it from friends, neighbors, and/or family.

And to think that our government wants to provide a "public health care option" for health care despite overwhelming evidence that IT DOES NOT WORK! Obama says it will compete. But how can private insurance compete with the government when they are also the regulator? How can private insurance compete when the government subsidises health care? IT DOES NOT WORK! The President must realize this...he's a smart man isn't he? Guys? I just don't understand it...IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! I'm all for health care reform to bring costs and premiums down, but a public option isn't the way to do it. I believe health care is a privilege, not a right.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment with your opinion.

The names in this post have been changed for anonymity.


Kristel said...

There is a difference between Social Security and Social Security Disability. The funds are different. When the press talks about social security, in general, they are referring to the retirement benefits of the elderly.

I too am not excited about forced public health care. However, how do you propose that the many, many, many Americans who are uninsured receive health benefits?? We are not just talking about people who refuse to work here. We are talking about private business owners who can't afford the premiums for their own families, let alone for their employees. We are talking about the several employees who are good, hard working people who can not afford private care. Private insurance is ridiculously expensive. So if not a goverment assistance, than what? If nothing else, all this hype on ObamaCare may force insurance companies to take a second look at offering affordable benefits to the uninsured. And I'm all for that.

Evan said...

Social Security and Social Security Disability are both funded with tax payer money. With that said, to me they are one in the same.

I agree with you that there there needs to be reform to bring down costs of premiums and costs of health care in general. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but I am sure that a public option isn't the way to go. I believe it's a "back door" towards a single payer universal health care system for all.

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