Dave Ramsey's Take On "Cash For Clunkers"

Why is Dave Ramsey passionately opposed to the government's Cash for Clunker program? Watch the video below young grasshopper...

The program, when started had a $1 billion fund and was supposed to last three months. Within the first week the billion dollars was gone! Another $2 billion was passed through the House and Senate praising the success. What a crock! How can we expect the government to run health care if they can't even manage a cash for clunkers program. If they tell us it's going to cost us 1.5 trillion dollars for health care reform over the next decade they're really telling us it's going to cost us 4.5 trillion. That's a whole other story in and of itself.

There are other ripple effects of this clunkers program. Used car sales are now suffering because when someone turns in their clunker the dealership is then required to make that clunker inoperable then then destroyed. Nothing of the car can be used ever again. Smart Washington...real smart.

1 comment:

Kristel said...

But how is the cash for clunkers helping? Is it helping? What are the pros?

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