People Speaking Out Under Attack

What happened to America? I don't recognize it anymore. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a different country. One of the greatest freedoms that we have is our right to peaceful protest, to speak out and voice our opinion, and to question our elected officials. My previous post talked about town hall meetings where American citizen were doing just that. Since then the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and the White House has attacked our God given right calling them right-wing extremist mobs. Even going as far as these town halls being "manufactured" and set up by the health insurance companies. This is absolutely ludicrious! I mean it's natural human reaction and emotion to get defensive when somone opposes your point of view, but these our our elected officials whom are the voice of the people. Their job is to listen to the people and hear from all points of view, but instead they are targeting them and demonizing them. All I can say is that if they do not listen to the voice of the people, they will soon be out of a job.

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Kristel said...

This is unfortunate. People who have never spoken up are rising above the masses and loudly crying out. This is not a bad thing. If all these people are right wing extremists than I guess that means that the MAJORITY of America is right wing extremist. And since majority rules, maybe Washington needs to take another look at those speaking out, regardless of how "moblike" they seem.

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