Why the Rush? A New Look...

On the drive to work this afternoon I was listening to Sean Hannity on talk radio. He was taking calls and one of these callers made an interesting point that I had never thought of before…neither had Sean. This is what she pointed out:

There has been big push and rush to get health care reform passed in the House and Senate these last couple of months. President Obama wanted it passed before the August recess, but since it didn’t happen he’s now shooting by the end of the year…and is determined that it will. It’s all about politics and for Obama to get re-elected for a second term.

This is the point the caller made – If the health care reform bill does pass, it’s schedule not to be enacted into law and phased in until 2013. If there has been such a big rush to get it passed why not enact it as soon as possible? Politics. Obama knows that if enacted and phased in as soon as it passed America will see that Medicare benefits dropped or reduced and employer coverage will start to go away, and if that happens America will be in uproar and there is no way that he’ll be re-elected for another term. If however it’s not enacted until 2013, after he’s been re-elected, there’s nothing the American people can do about it.

This is an interesting observation that needs more attention.

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