What Can I Do? (Part 1)

I believe a lot of Americans are waking up and realizing there is something wrong with what our government is doing. Cap-and-trade, health care reform, card check, the collapsing dollar, bailouts, stimulus bills, "cash for clunkers", gigantic, unsustainable debt, and on and on. Americans see this, but often ask the question: What can I do?

Glenn Beck is promoting that you can be a "Constitutional Watchdog" for America. He says, "we need you to keep watch over the most perfect political document ever given to mankind.

Don't try to pay attention to everything — it's impossible. As we've discussed, they're throwing so much at us at once — again, by design — that it's just too much to assimilate. Find something that you know about or have interest in. Watch what Congress is doing on that. If it's cap-and-trade, look for everything you can find on that issue. Whatever it is, when something comes up that doesn't sound right, start barking loudly, like the Constitutional Watchdog you are.

When you see this happening alert Glenn Beck by email or tweet and he'll highlight the story you've uncovered. When you see the Watchdog Shield, you'll know that it wasn't us who found the story — it was one of our Watchdogs.

Next post: What you can do on a more personal nature...

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