Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire

As I was driving home tonight I was listening to a local talk show radio host talk about the New Hampshire primary and Mitt Romney's victory. I'm not sure about Mitt and have a lot of reservations, but as I sat there listening to his victory speech - live - I couldn't turn off the ignition to my pickup and sat in my driveway for the next ten minutes listening to what he had to say. Needless to say, I was very impressed and found myself agreeing with pretty much everything he was saying. Below is the Mitt's full speech:

One of my favorite lines from the speech:

"We have to offer an alternative vision. I stand ready to lead us down a different path. Where we're lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success."

Lately it seems like it's evil or dirty to be successful - the "1%" if you will - but it's those one-percent that drive this economy by creating jobs. I have the desire to be successful, to have the financial security for me and my family, to be able to give generously to those in need, and help offer others an opportunity of success as well. That is true "sharing the wealth" - not just giving a handout, giving a hand up and helping and teaching others how to be successful as well.

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Is This the Beginning of the End of the Republic?

Compare the two videos...

And this...

The fact that President wants to bypass Congress and get things done on his own is scary in and of itself, but what is even scarier is the audience. The American people - cheering and applauding and WANTING him to do just that! "So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."

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