ACORN: The Beginning of the End

If you don't know about ACORN you probably get your news only from NBC, ABC, CBS, or MSNBC because they rarely if ever report anything about ACORN, which stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. FOXNEWS are the only ones reporting on the story.

ACORN in a NUTSHELL - During the 2004, 2008 presidential elections ACORN is being investigated in 15 different states for voter fraud by registering people to vote who had already registered, who didn't even exist, or are dead. ACORN members have been arrested and convicted, but the investigation is still continuing. By the way, Barack Obama used to represent ACORN as a lawyer and helped train their leaders. He continues to be friends with ACORN and gets their input to help shape his agenda in the White House.

Recently, ACORN is again getting unwanted attention. James O'Keefe, an independent film maker and friend Hannah Giles recently went undercover at a Baltimore ACORN housing office as a pimp and prostitute to see if and how far they would receive help for their thriving prostitution/child sex trade business. The two officials in Baltimore gave them advice on how to evade taxes or get around the illegalness of prostitution to make it look legal on paper. They even suggested changing the name of their "business" as a sole proprietorship as a "Performing Artist." Suggestions were also made to claim the 13 El Salvador 13-15 year olds as dependents.

The next day, new video was released from the same "pimp and prostitute" from a different ACORN location...Washington D.C. - our nation's capitol. Same story, same results. Again today, a few days later after the D.C. video surfaced the "pimp" and "prostitute" did a New York ACORN location (no pun intended). Guess what? Same story, same results. So, three different ACORN locations and at all three were given the same direction and advice to get around taxes or advice/help setting up their business by hiding it from the government.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END - Did you know that ACORN is mostly funded by government grants and tax payer money? That being said, we are technically paying for these ACORN officials to help others commit crimes. Since these videos have surfaced the following has taken place:
  1. The Census Bureau has severed ties with ACORN. Yes in the past and up until the last few days ACORN has helped gather census data that happens every decade. Not anymore!
  2. A few congressman in Washington have called for federal investigations into ACORN, particularly with their tax policies and auditing funds received by the government.
  3. Today, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to stop funding to ACORN's housing department

You would think that a story this big would be featured on the major mainstream news media outlets, but no. One must ask why? Either their clueless and don't see that there is even a story or they're complicit. If these news outlets continue as they do now, we may begin to soon see the beginning of the end for them as well because they won't have any viewers or readers to keep them going.

For information on everything you ever need to know about ACORN including the undercover video visit www.biggovernment.com - one stop shop. Or all you need to do is do a google search for ACORN and do your own research and decide for yourself - you will also find a ton of stuff on the ties between ACORN and President Obama...long time friends.


Melissa said...

Very interesting. So what year are you running for president? I'd vote for you. ha ha

Evan said...

Thanks Melissa! It is very interesting isn't it? I guess tonight on the Fox News Channel new video is coming out from another location that Acorn officials name names of congressman that they talk to almost on a daily basis! Can't wait!

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