Kevin Jennings: Obama's Safe School Czar

I'm beginning to lose count of just how many "czars" (a.k.a. personal advisers to the president) are under Obama's wing. I know it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40, and despite criticism from his critics and how most of these individuals aren't confirmed by the Senate Obama continues to appoint them. That set aside, who exactly is Kevin Jennings and what does it mean to be the "Safe Schools Czar?"

"Jennings is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He received a bachelor's degree magna cum laude in history from Harvard University, where he delivered the Harvard Oration at the 1985 commencement. He was a high school history teacher, first at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1985 to 1987, and then at Conrad Academy in Concord, Massachusetts, from 1987 to 1995." SOURCE

Sounds like a normal everyday guy right? Not so fast..."He [Jennings] founded the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in Boston in 1990, which he seeks to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In 1992, he was appointed by Governor William Weld to co-chair the Education Committee of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth.

"...He has published six books in total on gay rights and education. His works have described his own past as a closeted gay student." SOURCE

In addition, Kevin Jennings described his past frequent drug abused in his 2007 autobiography, Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir.

"Technically, Jennings is not one of Obama's 'czars,' who are special advisors to the president accountable to no one but the president. Jennings was named to a post in the Department of Education. However, his hiring did not require legislative oversight, such as the Senate vetting process required for other appointees." SOURCE

Before this appointment, Kevin Jennings was the Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe Schools. What do you think of when you hear the "Office of Safe Schools?" For me, it sounded like a job or institution to help keep our schools safe from drugs and violence and to protect kids from harmful things. As I said earlier that Jennings described his past frequent drug abuse in his autobiography leaves me to question how can he keep our schools safe from drugs when he himself was an drug abuser himself...and as far as I can tell unrepentant.

Now that he's heading the charge for safe schools, what exactly is his agenda? Does he honestly want to keep schools safe from drugs and violence or is it something else? If it is something else, what is it? Let's think about this...he is the founder of a homosexual-activists group (GLSEN), which promotes homosexual clubs in high school, middle schools, and grade schools. On Jennings' own website he talks about how his work as an activist started when he used a school assembly where he was a teacher to announce his homosexuality and started promoting homosexuality is schools.

In his own words Kevin Jennings said, "We immediately seized upon the opponent's calling card – safety – and explained how homophobia represents a threats to students' safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Titling our report, 'Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,' we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This...short-circuited their arguments and left them back-peddling from day one." This silences any conservative opinion.

This all ties into a bill introduced to Congress, H.R. 2262, by U.S. Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CAL), which is "to amend the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act" to include pro-homosexual language that could use the issue of bullying to force indoctrination sessions for both teachers and students.

I'm sorry, but this kind of topic has no place in the classroom. It is meant to be taught in the home between parent and child. Having it taught in the classroom leaves it open for students to believe or think that homosexuality is a normal human behavior in their lifestyle. My belief (sticking to my guns and religion) is that this type of behavior is a "sin...a clean cut sin and the Lord will not tolerate it." (Signs of the Times, Don J. Black). If parents decide to teach their children about homosexuality that is their decision...not a teacher in a classroom.

Referring the Kevin Jennings, "This man's work and his agenda are exactly why we've seen the radical pro-homosexuality curriculum pushed across California. He is now more strongly positioned to implement his agenda nationwide," said Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute.

Judge and do research for yourself, but do you think that Kevin Jennings is the right person for the job?


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