Performing Artist Redefined

**Update 9/11/09** After this story broke yesterday, ACORN fired the two Baltimore employees even though they said it was "gotcha journalism" and part of a smear campaign. ACORN also said that this same type of thing happened at three other locations and failed. Oh really? Well TODAY new video is released of the same couple doing the same thing, but this time at the Washington D.C.'s ACORN location. The ACORN employees continued to help and give advisement despite the illegal business that would be conducted. UNBELIEVABLE!

"Performing Artist" defined by Wikipedia: Performance art is art in which the actions of an individual or a group at a particular place and in a particular time constitute the work. It can happen anywhere, at any time, or for any length of time. Performance art can be any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, the performer's body and a relationship between performer and audience.

"Performing Artist" defined by two ACORN employees: A prostitute can be classified to be a performance artist.

It's true. Two Baltimore ACORN employees told an undercover pimp and prostitute that they could classify their work as being a "performing artist" for tax related purposes and continued to give tax advise including how to evade taxes on their "business."

FoxNews not only broke the story and continues to be the only major news outlet reporting this unbelievable story. READ THE FULL STORY HERE. It looks like some other news outlets are starting to catch on, but there was only a short blurb about it on ABCnews.com and NBCnews.com. CBSnews.com didn't have anything on it last time I checked. Why do they continue not to report on major controversial stories?

Other sources: http://www.biggovernment.com/

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