McCain / Obama - Pictures

Sometimes pictures speak louder than any words could portray...
Click images for larger view & to read captions.

If you knew nothing about the candidates except for these pictures...
who would you vote for?

Do the right thing...vote McCain!

1 comment:

Kevin K-1 said...

why would you choose your president by just looking at pictures anyway?
IMHO smoking is an unhealthy though not character-determining addiction shared by millions of decent, trustworthy people in the world... wearing traditional (not muslim) clothing in a country you are visiting is a sign of respect for its people and customs, not necessarily a sign of affiliation with them.
McCain is a much admired ex-POW, does that mean we should vote somebody cause we feel bad for them (spent 5 years in a Pow camp), that sure says a lot about his ability to endure and overcome difficulties, but so does Obama's story, raised as a poor kid, struggled with drugs, and yet now a senator of the USA, running for presidence...
sorry don't mean to be polemical, just introspective, ely

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