10-Year Anniversary 9/11/01

I can't believe that it's been ten years since that dreadful day! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was awaiting for class to begin at BYU-Idaho when my teacher comes in and begins to unfold the events of the morning. I was in shock and disbelief - AMERICA WAS UNDER ATTACK!? -

I immediately tried to log on to CNN.com and other news websites to get more information and to see pictures, but they were all bogged down with too much traffic and their servers crashed. Not long after, school was cancelled for the rest of the day, and I immediately went to my apartment and was glued to the tv for the rest of the day!

One of the best renditions I've heard...

I browsed the tv a lot today trying to find programs with tributes and footage of that day. Found programs, but the actual footage was scarce...why is that? I've heard that it almost takes an act of God to get permission to air the actual footage - so I went to YouTube.com and found some of the best/scary footage I've seen...

Speaking of God, I think that this was a wake up call for our country. We, as a people of the most blessed country on this Earth was forgetting God. We were pushing Him out of our lives, schools, government, etc. The reason our country was founded was because of God and people under persecution seeking religious freedom.

Ten years ago, the Prophet/President of my church addressed what happened on this day and what we must do as a people...

Wise words from a wise man. I am so thankful for all the people that help to make our nation safe and secure from policeman, fire fighters, all branches of the military, border patrol, coastguard, etc. - may God bless you in your efforts and may God bless us as we turn to Him and serve him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

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