New Tone, but Same Hot Air

I reluctantly tuned in this evening to watch President Obama address a joint session of Congress. The President presented and enthusiastically promoted a new piece of legislation called "American Jobs Acts." A lot of the things that were said sounded good on the surface level, but couldn't help but wonder what's laying below down deep.

Just like the health care bill, we may not have time to get on our snorkeling gear to explore the reef below. Obama pressed umpteen times that we needed to pass this bill as fast as we can and is planning on giving us more detail on specifics in a couple of weeks. Is it like Nancy Pelosi said, "...we've got to pass the bill to see what's in it..." uh, no. THIS SHOULD BE A RED FLAG TO EVERYONE! Don't pass the bill until it has been given enough time for everyone to read it and openly debate it.

It's just another multi-billion dollar program that the President is planning to spend with our money.

I think President is in campaign mode. He is a very smart man. He's thinking re-election, and with his speech painted Republicans into a corner. If Republicans reject Obama’s jobs agenda, the president will be able to tell voters that he’ll never stop fighting for jobs and prosperity -- and that Republicans will never stop defending tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

Tax the rich. Tax the rich. How about the 42% of Americans who aren't currently paying taxes, start paying taxes! 42%!!!


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