The Truth Lives Here

If you follow my blog or have read any of my posts there's no surprise that I'm a Glenn Beck fan. He is one of the only political commentators that I truly connect with because he tells it like it is. He doesn't favor any political party and bashes on all if they don't stand for honor.

Another reason I like listening to him is due to the fact that he reports on news and events that you can't get from anywhere else. For example, his news website - The Blaze - is dedicated for that purpose. I learn more about what's really going on in our country and the world by spending a few minutes each day reading the articles than listening to a full hour on any main stream news outlet.

A little over a year ago I subscribed to his Insider Extreme membership on his website, which gave me full access to his live radio program, documentaries, and more! That membership has recently been converted to the new GBTV.com featuring his new daily 2-hour live program every weekday. I absolutely love it! Plus he just launched a new iPhone/iPad/iTouch app that allows you to watch live or on demand right from your mobile device!

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