Promise, Lies, & Health Care

According to Wikipedia, a "Cadillac" health insurance plan "is defined by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee...with yearly premiums higher than $8,000 for individuals or $21,000 for families, but colloquially refers to any expensive plan."  During the campaign trail, Barack Obama attacked John McCain because he wanted to tax the high end health insurance plans in which Obama "firmly pledged" he would not do himself.

The first part of this YouTube video is an NPR interview with President Barack Obama on December 23, 2009 basically saying he's going to move forward with the "cadillac tax" and the second part is the video on the campagin trail where he attacked John McCain for wanting to do the same thing.

Who or what companies provides the majority of the plans, and what would the effect be if these plans were suddenly taxed? Large corporations, labor unions, and independently owned companies that want to provide the best possible health insurance for their employees and are willing to pay for the majority of it.

One of thing things could happen if these Cadillac plans were taxed that the corporations, labor unions, or independently owned companies were required to pay? (1) Employers would increase premiums to pass on the added cost on to employees to keep the same coverage. (2) Employers would drop Cadillac plans to avoid the tax, which would result in more out-of-pocket costs for employees because they don't have the same coverage as before. Either way, it ends up costing us, the employees more. We would pay the Cadillac tax, not the companies. Eventually, over time, this would lead employers to dropping coverage to their employees all together which would cause a "crisis" where the government would have to step in and provide a government run insurance plan so individuals will still have health care coverage which would lead to a universal health care plan and drive the private insurance industry out of business, just like Obama has always wanted.

I no long believe anything Barack Obama says to be true (not that I did in the first place). Just like on the campaign trail, he will say anything that appeals to the American people to get elected and he will keep saying anything to push through his radical agenda regardless if the people are against it. Whenever Obama starts off something with, "Let me be clear" you know the next words out of his mouth is a lie. It's all about broken promises, lies, and do anything to get health care reform passed.

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