All Eyes on Massachusetts

***UPDATE*** Scott Brown is victorious in Massachusetts sending shock waves through Washington and the whole Democratic base.  Will this make them rethink their plans?  We'll just have to wait and see.

It’s not very often that the eyes of the entire nation are looking on individual State Senate races, but in Massachusetts it is different this time around. As you may be aware, Senator Ted Kennedy passed away little while ago and tomorrow is the special election to fill his empty Senate seat. Massachusetts is a Democratic leaning state and has not elected a Republican Senator since 1972. This may all change tomorrow.

What was to be a shoe in for Attorney General Martha Coakley is now desperation to win. The latest poll from Politico.com shows Republican Scott Brown ahead by 9 percentage points at 52% while Martha Coakley at 43%. Democrats in Washington are frantic and pulling all the stops to help Coakley. I mean the President made a special trip to Massachusetts to campaign for her, the President’s buddies at SEIU donated $687,000 toward her campaign last week, Ed Schultz (Liberal talk radio host) is encouraging liberals to participate in voting fraud by trying to vote more than once to cheat the system, and ACORN is doing their thing (may or may not be helping underage prostitutes). Why are the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives pulling out all the stops and desperate that Martha Coakley wins?

Health care reform. It’s all about health care reform that is currently being reconciled in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Democrats currently have a super majority in the Senate with 60 votes of 100, which effectively stops any Republican filibuster. If just one vote is lost health care reform is also lost. Republican Scott Brown has surrounded his campaign on one specific issue: “I will be the 41st vote to stop universal health care.”

A couple of years ago this would have been impossible, but Massachusetts is different. The state has already tried universal health care…they’ve been there and done that. It has failed miserably. For the residents in Massachusetts health insurance premiums have skyrocketed, budgets have been exceeded, and benefits have been slashed to cut costs. The residents have seen and experienced this first hand and are not impressed and do not want this to go national.

A victory for Scott Brown would be huge wake up call for Democrats in Washington and hopefully for President Obama if his pride and arrogance doesn’t get in the way. I know this is wishful thinking, but maybe Obama will rethink his progressive agenda and govern in the best interest of all the people instead of his special interest groups like SEIU. It will be interesting on the outcome tomorrow and the reaction on both sides.

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Kristel said...

I'm so eager to find out the results!!

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