Obama Cuts Deal With Unions

My previous post explained how President Obama wants to tax high end insurance plans also known as the "Cadillac Tax." This 40% tax would apply to insurance plans over $8,000 for individuals and $21,000 for families...except for big labor union workers, like SEIU. Don't know who SEIU is? President Obama does...

Did you hear that? He said, "Your agenda has been my agenda in the United States Senate. Before debating health care I talked to Andy Stern [CEO, SEIU] and SEIU members...we've worked together over these last few years, and I'm proud of what we've done. I'm just not satisfied. Because I know how much more we can accomplish as partners in an Obama Administration. Just imagine...just imagine what we can do together."

Who's running our country? Barack Obama or Unions? (aka special interests, lobbyists, etc.) Hey? Didn't Obama promise that he wouldn't have any special interests or lobbyists in his administration? Another broken promise. If this health care bill gets passed Unions will be exempt for the 40% Cadillac tax until 2018, but we all know that it will be a lot longer than that. Because of unions being exempt, it is estimated that $60 billion will need to be found somewhere else? Where will it come from? You, I, and everyone else...except you know who.

By the way, SEIU has donated $687,000 to Martha Coakley's campaign in the Senate Massachusetts race due to an unknown Republican, Scott Brown climbing ahead in the polls. Why? To help protect the 60th vote in the Senate to pass this health care bill. If Scott Brown gets elected he's determined to be the 41st vote against the bill to stop it dead in its tracks. President Obama is even making a trip there tomorrow to give his "helping hand." The election is Tuesday...let's pray Scott Brown is victorious!

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