Obama the Dictator

President Obama's jobs bill lived a short life and died in the Senate today. There's talk about Democrats breaking up the legislation in pieces and pushing them through a little at a time tucked away in some other bill on page 1,324 where no one will even notice until all the pieces come back together to complete the puzzle.  But why wait for Congress?  President Obama decided to circumvent Congress to try and get it done without their authorization.  Here it from his own mouth:

Thanks to The Blaze for this original video! A news website that is actually reporting on what's really happening in our nation and throughout the world.

Seriously! How is our President getting off the hook with this and nobody in the mainstream media questions this?...let alone even report on it? We have three branches of government for a reason - for reasons just like this! There's a proper order to get legislation passed and having the President go around Congress to get things done is an attribute of a Dictator. To not recognizes Congress' authority as established in the Constitution of United States in my opinion is a President NOT defending it like he should when he was sworn in as President.

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