Obama Desires to Bypass Congress

From the book "The 5000 Year Leap", by W. Cleon Skousen he summarizes a few of the checks and balances set up by the American Founding Fathers. They "achieved a system of checks and balances...These included the following provisions:
  1. The House of Representatives serves as a check on the Senate since no statute can become law without the approval of the House.
  2. At the same time the Senate (representing the legislatures of the states before the 17th Amendment) serves as a check on the House of Representatives since no statute can become law without its approval.
  3. A President can restrain both the House and the Senate by using his veto to send back any bill not meeting with his approval.
  4. The Congress has, on the other hand, a check on the President by being able to pass a bill over the President's veto with a two-thirds majority of each house."
These are only a few of the checks and balances that were set up by the Founding Fathers - these are the main ones that relate to this post today. My previous post showed a 26 second video clip of President Obama telling his advisors to looks for things in the jobs bill that they can get done "administratively" without Congressional authority. In other words, to ignore the checks and balances of America's Three Headed Eagle and to pass laws without Congress. We even have representative Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) encouraging President Obama to do it as well - bypass Congress - Don't believe me? Here it from their own mouths...

Crazy right? Have you seen or read about this anywhere in the mainstream media?  The Blaze and GBTV.com reports on things that you can't find anywhere else! You should at least make The Blaze a daily read and try GBTV free for 14-days, if you don't like it or find value in it, you don't have to continue it - just give it a try.

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