Trying to Stay Objective

I consider myself a Conservative Republican, but try to remain objective to what the other side has to say and report on the current administration. I am mainly a FOX NEWS viewer. Fox News is a right wing news outlet, but give fair and balanced reporting. As I said before, I try to remain objective and view other news programs like CNN or MSNBC and just get very frustrated. Maybe it is just the times that I'm watching, but most of the news being reported, especially on CNN isn't about politics at all...just random stories from around the nation I don't care about. When stories do get reported about the Obama administration it's usually about the First Lady's wardrobe and makeup artist...oh, and the new First Dog.

Let's take today for instance. April 15, 2009...tax day. For months movements have been in progress and organized for TEA Parties happening all around the nation. These TEA Parties are for those who are fed up with the out of control spending and government bailouts that have been happening as of late. FOX News has been reporting from different TEA Parties around the nation all day and give history about the Boston TEA party and why they are happening now. I flipped over the CNN to see what they were reporting about the TEA Parties and after thirty minutes of stupid news finally a one, maybe two minute report about it. The reporter basically shrugged the whole thing off, told her viewers that these parties were happening and why, and then followed up with a clip of Obama's news conference this morning where he explained that most Americans have received a tax cut on their paychecks.

That was it! For the reporter and CNN as a whole didn't even care, took Obama's current tax cut as enough to make America happy. Who cares that he's spending trillions of dollars that this nation doesn't have to "stimulate" the economy. Who cares that the biggest expansion in government is taking place. Who care that our nation is leading down the path to socialism. What bugs me the most is that these other news outlets thinks that whatever the current administration does is good and accepts it as the best possible thing for our country and anyone who opposes it is considered an extremist!

Thanks but no thanks...I'll stick to FOX News. They may be right wing, but at least they have "the other side" on almost all the time to make and debate their case...and sometimes I agree with them.

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