Obama's Launches New Website

I've really got to hand it to President Elect Barack Obama. One of reasons why I think he won the election was because of his use of using modern day technology to reach out to Americans...mainly use of cell phone text messaging and the Internet. His main Website is very professional and compared to John McCain's was very significant. A lot of money was spent in these efforts. Days after victory he launched his new Website: http://www.change.gov, which must have been in place and ready to go before victory was achieved. I haven't had a chance to look indepth at this new Website yet, but will. My first thought was that Obama can now put whatever he wants the American people to hear/read/see but do something else. I really really hope that Obama proves me and other conservatives in exile wrong and leads this country to prosperity and growth, but the minute he does something against what he said he was going to do you can be sure I'll blog about it here.


Aaron and Emily said...


May I make a request? Since you seem like you enjoy it, I would love it if you researched Obama and all of his decisions/comments/policies regarding traditional marriage, gay marriage, prop 8... I feel like so many anti prop 8 people really have it out for Yes on 8 people, and yet I thought Obama was for traditional marriage. The No people say he was against 8. So I am kind of confused on how he stands on that issue...

Evan said...

I've been working up a Prop 8 post in my mind since Nov. 4th and plan to post it soon! I will definitely be researching Obama's stance on gay marriage too and talk about that as well.

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