What to Say?

Everyday there is so much in the news that it is difficult to keep up let alone blog about it. I find it overwhelming at times with all the craziness going on in the nation! The mainstream media continue to be biassed and ingnore the facts or even dig into credible stories that would have major impact on the minds of the American people. I just wanted to give my little tidbit on a few headlines over the past few days.

Defense/Amnesty: Not: two words you would normally couple in the same sentence let along a spending bill going through the Senate, but that hasn't stopped Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tacking on an amnesty "ammendment" to a defense spending bill in hopes to lure in Republicans. I am so sick and tired of congress tacking on items to bills that have nothing to do with the actual bill just to get it passed because it wouldn't stand on it's own two feet and never pass by itself. We need some new rules, regulation, or ammendment to the Constitution (if that what it takes) that any bill that goes through the House or Senate only applies to the actual bill and anything unrelated is either ommitted or automatically vetoed or something! The insanity has to stop!

Our Creator: For two years of my life I served as a proselytizing missionary for my church and when I visited with people to teach and discuss about God we started on basics and how everyone believed in a Supreme Being, a Creator, even though we may call them by different names. Our President claims to believe in God and His son Jesus Christ, but he can't even bring himself to refer to the Creator as he recites a portion of the Declaration of Independence...

You can tell he is reading from his trusty teleprompter and he noticeably pauses and blinks several times debating in his mind if he should just read what is displayed or omit a certain phrase..."endowed by their Creator"...in the end he chose to omit the phrase leaving Diety out of the equation. This doesn't really surprise me because afterall, we are talking about a guy who believes in "collective salvation." Which basically means he doesn't get saved unless everyone else gets saves...

Like the Pope and Glenn Beck said that this so called doctrine of collective salvation is "demonic" and a "perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ." It totally undermines the Plan of Salvation, which teaches that Christ died for our sins and we can be forgiven of them and be saved in and only through Him! Not dependent on others. I'll probably dedicate an entire post on this subject in the near future.

There is a lot more I would like to discuss, but just don't have the time right now. Come back soon for more updates!

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