Google Searchs = End of Economic Troubles

From the Glenn Beck email newsletter:

"Larry Summers, Obama's top economic advisor, sees some strong evidence that the economy is out of free fall. We apologize if the following has too much financial lingo for the average person to understand, but this is really good news. Summers says the recent decrease in Google searches for 'economic depression' are down to normal levels. Yes, that is correct, and Summers is a 'top' economic advisor. Help Larry understand the economy is not fixed -- Google search 'economic depression' right now."

Seriously, Larry Summers is Obama's "top economic advisor?" Sounds like he doesn't even have a GED...or as my wife would say, "he must have a learning disability."


Anonymous said...

check google trends for unemployment... it's skyrocketing almost as fast as the unemployment rate...

Evan said...

Excellent observation!

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