"Don't Pass Bills You Don't Read"

Yes, it's true. The House of Representative and the Senate have passed bills/legislation that they actually haven't read and fully understood. For example, the recent "cap-and-trade" bill...a 1,200 page document with a 300 page amendment included by Democrats at 3am the day of the House vote. It passed by a 219-212 margin. I'm sorry, but there no way that each member of the House was able to read the full bill with amendment.

Freshman Congressman, Jason Chaffetz, representing the third district in Utah, wrote a commentary on CNN.com titled "Don't Pass Bills You Don't Read". The more I learn about Jason Chaffetz and where he stands on key issues, the more I am impressed. He seems to have a firm understanding of what the people he represents wants.

I'm am very impressed by a bill that Jason Chaffetz has introduced that will save millions of dollars in tax payer money. The 2010 census is coming soon and as it stands now the federal government is planning on hiring 1.4 million ACORN (ACORN!) members to conduct the census. Chaffetz is proposing we use an existing federal entity that already makes daily visits to households in the United States...the United States Post Office. Makes sense right? So do you think it will pass? I have high hopes it will, but most likely the liberal democrats that have their pockets in with ACORN, whom by the way is under investigation for voter fraud, will stop it from even making it to the floor.

Please take the time to read Chaffetz's commentary...


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