Government Mandate May Cause 60K+ Jobs Lost

In a congressional report, a Kern County (California) representative warned that if we didn't act soon, the most fertile land on the planet would be in peril.

We need to balance environmental protection and our very livelihood in the Central Valley, the report said. And it stressed we're on a collision course between fish and mankind -- and mankind is losing.

That report was presented in 1993 by then-Kern County Supervisor Mary K. Shell. Her words 16 years ago about the worst-case scenario are an uncanny description of California's modern-day man-made drought.

Today, some farmers are receiving zero allocations of water, and I'm told workers are taking their families to Central Valley homeless shelters for food. News reports estimate as many as 60,000 jobs will be lost due to this man-made drought.

I stress "man-made" because it doesn't have to be this way. Californians don't have a lack of water. They have an overabundance of environmentalists.

The state has been ordered to turn off the pumps that deliver our water. Why? Because of a tiny fish, the Delta smelt, that get sucked into the pumps and die. To save the fish, man must go without. And now we're beginning to see the human cost of letting environmentalism control our lives.

Read this part aloud: Farms are dying, California's economy is failing and jobs are disappearing -- all because someone thinks it makes sense to put the needs of a fish too dumb to stay alive above the needs and jobs of humans.

Did you read it aloud? Did you believe your ears?

So who's doing what to help Californians? Actor-comedian-Central Valley farmer Paul Rodriguez told me he was shocked that Hispanic politicians whom he helped get elected have done little or nothing above lip service for farmers and workers. That's why he joined with the Latino Water Coalition in a march for water in April that started in Mendota and ended four days later with a rally at the San Luis Reservoir.

At the rally, our governor led the marchers in a chant: "Turn on the pumps!" "We need water!" I wonder if the governor stands with his children in front of the stove at dinner time and rather than actually providing a meal, simply leads them in a chant: "We need food!"

Also fighting the "Man vs. Fish" battle is Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Visalia. He's even demanded the governor's resignation, and recently presented a bowl of live smelt into the congressional record (creating a humorous mess for Fish and Game).

Interestingly, the UFW, "friend of the farm worker," has only agreed to lend support in exchange for stronger unionization mandates on employers. The conclusion is clear: It's me and you against the world. Northern and southern Californians don't understand, the UFW doesn't care and most politicians don't want to get their fingernails muddy.

Not to worry, though. As they were warned in 1993, If they don't act soon it won't be mud. It'll will just be dust. SOURCE

Freakin' Environmentalists! They're doing more harm than good! Where is common sense?

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