Are You Serious?

I'm an avid listener to the Sean Hannity radio show and today they've been discussing life on the campaign trail and impact it has on their families. Since Governor Sarah Palin was announced to be John McCain's running mate for Vice President she has been onslaught with all kinds of smearing and attacks. I will discuss a lot of these later and talk about the facts/truth vs. what's being said. Anyway, a caller on the Sean Hannity show is bashing Governor Palin because she has a 17 year old unmarried daughter who's pregnant. Sean Hannity's response, "So what's the difference between Governor Palin and the mother of Barack Obama when she was 17 years old, unmarried, and pregnant with Barack?" This caller has the audacity to say, "she [Barack's mother] wasn't a conservative." Are you serious? Are conservative republicans automatically perfect and never make mistakes? Just thought it was very interesting and couldn't believe that this caller actually said this! What are your comments?

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